Thermal clay to care for skin, muscles and joints of dogs and cats.

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It relieves itching and pain

Controls unpleasant smells, and it stems bacterial overgrowth and seborrhea

Easy application
and cleaning

Anti-inflammatory, regenerative and healing

Scientifically proven
Not tested in laboratory animals

Has long-term

Ideal for chronic ailments in order to reduce medications and relapses

Supplementary to
other therapies

No adverse effects or stress for the animal


Veterinatura develops its activities within the sphere of veterinary natural treatments and consists in utilizing valuable local resources provided by nature while implementing an innovative focus to offer quality veterinary services respectful to the environment.

Numerous thermal waters, exhibiting different properties, contain medicinal minerals and together with a great variety of medicinal plants, contribute infinite therapeutic possibilities.

The use of thermal waters dates back to prehistory. The discovery of many thermal springs is attributed to the observation of animals instinctively healing their pains and illnesses with this clay and water, for example a donkey at La Toja.


We strive to conserve the grandiose physical and cultural richness we enjoy. Consequently, we work with natural materials, without undesirable effects in patients, of pleasant application and without discomfort to the animal.

Our peloid ATOPEL products is made with high quality clay, oats and thermal spring water which, after an adequate elaboration process, results in therapeutic and thermopeutic properties effective in treating various traumatological and dermatological afflictions.

Useful as a support for other therapies, in chronic processes, to reduce medication and relapses, during periods of medication breaks, and when there are conflictings symptoms, etc.


Strengthens the skin barrier. Very useful in delicate skins, atopic and in desquamative states, controlling the pruritus and the proliferation of bacteria that generate bad odors.

Its calming effect reduces self-harm by scratching.

It controls pain acting on mediators of inflammation in joints, being an aid in rehabilitation with its relaxing and decongestant action that improves animal welfare.

Absorbs toxic and contaminants, beneficial in urban animals.


pain relieving


improves quality of life


Topical use.

Apply at room temperature or slightly cold. Put a generous amount if it is a serious injury, but a small amount is sufficient for itching between the fingers, superficial wounds, etc.

For post-traumatic, post-surgical injuries or when symptoms of degenerative diseases such as arthrosis or dysplasia manifest, it can be heated in a microwave or water bath to a maximum of 40ºC.

It can be removed after 12 to 30 minutes with water or damp cloth.

It can also be extended by interposing fine gauze to facilitate its removal and cleaning.

It is not dangerous by ingestion in small quantities.

To improve the quality of life in chronic processes, daily use is recommended for 2 or 3 weeks, at least 2 times a year, depending on the severity of the process.

"The itching has calmed her, as relaxed as she is now every day, we only saw her once a month."

Tania, owner of Lana.

"More than happy, recommended 100%, thank you very much"

Rodri, owner of Runi.

"From the first day of treatment, the pruritus podal, which did not respond to drugs, fell from 9 out of 10 to 0."

Goreti, owner of Lily

"It has been very effective, with only one jar we have treated 2 dermatitis, the owners were delighted"

ALICIA, Veterinary Clinic TuCan Vigo


Local registration number HCM-MUZ 10,170 for elaboration and sale of animal health products.
Distribution of ATOPEL (Reg. No. 10240-H) for sale in veterinary clinics and shops in the sector.

  • Application "dog- customized", by the veterinary promoter, Olga Gómez (collegiate PO-794) in associated establishments
  • Consulting and advice for centers that wish to implement thermal services for animals.
  • Development of thermal treatments for livestock.






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